Anybody can code: My First Hello World Code

"It only takes one step to finish that 1000 mile race"

First steps

The moment every new programmer is introduced to is hello world program, no matter the language, there is that exhilarating feeling. I remember the first baby step I made in writing code. I started with the most basic of all, HTML- short for Hyper-Text Markup Language, the code behind any web page written including this one you are reading. All you have to do is right click the page and select view page source and wallah! The code behind the web page. Not too exciting? The first feeling you get after writing a code that actually works is exhilarating, a high that lasts for about 12 seconds at most, but the determination to learn more code is the key component in this affair.

The moment you sit down, all excited to know what’s next is super amazing, the baby steps you make till when you write code even you yourself don’t understand, okay, not really, but the feeling you get that builds upon every new advancement you make makes the feeling even better.

A moment of Excitement

The most interesting part is when you miss that semi-colon and don’t know why the code you have written won’t just work, the only solution left is to go back and delve into your code, line by line, especially if you are new to debugging(the process of error correction, or simply looking for bugs in your code) is at times frustrating, but at the end of it all, the joy, the confetti going all up around your space is spectacular.

Start somewhere

Anyone can code, it all starts with a simple, “Hello world” and there you go! Every baby step you make has a big difference, ask any expert programmer or coder you know out there and you’ll hear their story, no one was born knowing how to code, so don’t be afraid to take your first “Hello world” baby step in the programmer’s world. It will definitely pay off!

See you in the next one!

Karim K. Kanji

I love tech and making solutions for the society using Tech is my greatest passion! ❤