(or, who are we?)

"Soon our lives and technology will be one thing, call it transcendence"

Cryosoft, pronounced as (krai·ow-soft), is an Private IT company that tries to use technology to solve day to day problems in the society. Cryosoft intends to use technology in form of software solutions and hardware solutions to achieve this.

With the community in mind, Cryosoft creates solutions that are innovative and that try to be as simple as possible, to solve the needs of the society.


"If there is no history, it didn't happen"

Cryosoft started out as an ideology and a concept where solutions had to be home grown and not out sourced. The founder, Karim K. Kanji, started the company in 2016, formerly as Web-it Limited, evolved under rigorous attempts to start the company and grow it to a fit the society solution. Thus, this brought about the need to create an environment to collaborate and come up with solutions for the entire society that create a mutual benefitting. Of course, Cryosoft doesn't intend to be a "I am hungry, feed me!" company but rather a give back to society company that tries to tackle the problems.